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PROELITE Training was founded in 2016 .

Created by coach Innocent, who has worked with youth players since 2011 at all ages and levels.


Not just a supplemental program but a place where players from different ages, clubs, culture and gender come together to fill in the Futbol gaps missed. 


Experience a Futbol environment  that puts your player first within the fierce but friendly confines of a group. Sessions are setup accross the state of New Jersey.  


Find your Session and Get Better ON

and OFF the pitch.  


We're invested in YOU!



Coach Innocent: born in UGanda, moved to New Jersey in 2004. Played the high school game at Memorial, moving onto a college stint at Tyler Junior College and eventually transferring and graduating from Rutgers University, Nj.


This is where he started working with the young in Futbol. With coaching experiences at First Touch Football , Cedar Stars Academy , and World Class  FC,  he came up with the novel  idea of creating a fostering and nurturing space where players across the state could add to their game, without the pressures from their primary teams.


Coach Innocent’s approach : 


‘The role of youth sports is not necessarily to make professionals, but rather to provide a platform where the young develop the resiliency and solve-problem skills to have opportunities at becoming successful adults. ‘

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